About Us

A former cross-country runner, Matt fell in love with rowing and began rowing career at the collegiate level. He re-connected with the sport in 2014 and started rowing as a master. In 2015, he got certified as a USRowing Level 2 coach and went on to coach the youth program for Belmont Rowing Center through 2016. He currently coaches beginning/intermediate rowing.

Matt dragged Kate into her first competition sport in 2014 by sticking her in the cox seat; her not knowing bow from stern. She stayed there until fall 2015 when she decided she needed to row. She learned to sweep and swept her way through the following spring 2016 season.

Matt & Kate taught themselves how to scull together starting in mid 2016 and they started competing in 2017.

Matt is an industrial/graphic designer and you can check out what he does at HebdonDesign.com. Kate is an art/creative director and you can check out what she does at KateHebdon.com. We see an opportunity to bring our professional skills to our rowing family.

And somehow, we’re still married.