Racing Uniforms
& Tops

So you want a uni or a race top, but you're not sure where to begin with your design ideas? Here is some information and inspiration to help get you started. We're also friendly people, so if you feel like calling us to chat and throw ideas at a wall to see what sticks, we're cool with that too!



Pattern can be derived from your club or team's logo, or it can be a custom work as well. Please note, however, that it cannot be a copyrighted work. This means no iconic characters or shapes; this doesn't preclude the use of them as inspirational, however.



How else if your coach, spouse, family, team, etc going to know which boat is your coming down the final 1k of the head race? Remember that you're going to be many meters away from spectators; you'll want something eye catching and sharp, but that also reads well while on land. 



Colors are very important on and off the water. You want to stand out. You want your on-shore teammates to be able to cheer you into the finish. Our knowledge of color books and PMS helps you match the rest of your team, club, and make sure you stand out.


We have experience working with sublimation in order to achieve shadows and highlights, fades, transparency effects, and manage the overall impact of your design.

Ready to get started?